Friday, November 27, 2009

A Tale of Summer

One day I was taking a walk downtown, and I found a card. On this card were prints of faces. On one side it said 'The universe has you right where it wants you'. The other side of the card said August 18th. So I took it with me, and I kept it. By the time August 18th actually rolled around,I had forgotten all about the card. That day some of my friends and I were scheduled to draw a picture on the street with chalk as part of what is called the Chalk Walk, as part of what is called Celebrate Erie. One of my friends was late, and we couldn't start without her, seeing as she was the one who securred the drawing space,so the rest of us decided to go for a walk. We came upon an old building with its doors wide open, and paintings hanging on the walls of the hallway. The artwork intrigued us, so we decided to go inside. In side the building we found rooms upon rooms full of some of the most interesting art Ive ever seen in my life. People often say that about art, but in this case it happens to be true. There was a stairwell that lead to the very top of the building, with strings hanging down from the top with little white squares attached. I went closer to look at the peculiar squares, and found that they had prints of some very strange faces on them. Then I remembered the card; they were the same faces on the card. So we followed the stairs upward. Along the way we stopped off on the different floors to explore. We found a tea house, and were invited inside to sit and look at more art. We came upon a woman working in a large empty room, and she invited us to her studio, which was on the same floor. There we met her husband, and they told us stories about some of the art she had created, paintings, sculptures, pottery. We decided to continue on our way, and the womans husband gave us brownies he had cut into little triangles because square brownies are just too square. We eventually got to the top of the building to find a large room, the width and length of the entire complex. It was barren, except for a small television and a small chair in one corner with writing on the television that said Do not write on television and a large pile of scrap wood along one wall, along with a projector and table. Each wall was covered in graffiti, but it was tasteful and well done. The windows were open, and it had a fantastic view of the surrounding city. As we left, it started to rain, and the woman we had met before gave us garbage bags. Then we walked in the rain back to the festival, and a hippie man walked by and mentioned something about spreading discourse, so naturally this unexpected use of a rather large word caused us to become immediate friends with him.

But it turns out that the hippie man's only purpose was to spread discourse in our hearts, and the friendship was nothing but a twisted, tangled web of lies and deceit.

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